tips and is our favorite question and answer site. It recently had some great tips for using Google in little-known ways. Like these:

  • Type “movies” to get a list of all the movies in your city, and with links to trailers. Click on a movie title and you get show times at local theaters.
  • Type in “Books by Elmore Leonard” — or any author  — to see all of his books on a shelf. Clicking on a book gives you more information. (They show you all the covers in color; very nice display. We typed in “Books by Dr. Seuss” just to see the cheery covers.)
  • Type “Songs by (name of artist)” to see a list of all their songs. Clicking on a song plays it in some instances. We listened to Sheryl Crow’s “All I Want to Do.”
  •  Type “Tip Calculator” into the Google search box and you’ll get a form with three fields. Fill in the number of people in your group, the percentage tip you want to pay, and the bill total, and it figures out how much each person should pay. No more lengthy discussions on who had what.
  • Type “puppy etymology” to find out the origin of the word “puppy.” (It’s from the 15th century French word “poupee,” for “doll or plaything.”) Type any word you’re curious about.
  • Type in a special day like “Chinese New Year” or “Mother’s Day” to find out what day it’s on, and click “remind me” to get a reminder on your phone or tablet.

Find more tips at by typing “What are some lesser known Google search tips?”

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