macbook airA friend of ours, a lifelong Windows user, switched to the Mac after a bad experience with Windows 8. This causes us to rethink our latest Windows recommendations.

We’ve been pushing Windows over the Mac for at least a few reasons. It’s what most people are used to, it’s much cheaper and it works with a ton of programs.

But we have to admit that buying a Mac is a nicer experience. A friend bought her Mac at an Apple store. A helpful clerk opened the machine, turned away while she put in her password, and made sure email and everything else was set up the way she liked. If they run into a snag during set-up, say with a complicated corporate account, they’ll make you an appointment at the “Genius Bar,” where friendly techies take over. In short, you don’t walk out until you’re satisfied.

Joy’s sister used to bug us all the time for tech support on her Windows machine. Since she bought a Mac seven years ago, we haven’t heard a peep out of her. At least not for tech support. We hear plenty on other topics.

The Macbook Air, however, costs $1000 and you can buy a comparable Windows machine for half that.  That sounds like a steal, unless, like many Mac users, you keep your machine for seven years or more.

One Response to “GIVING UP ON WINDOWS”

  1. Another interesting comment.
    There are many many PC’s out there still running XP is is 7 years old. I doubt there are many Macs still running after 7 years unless they also haven’t updated the OS.
    You at posted why not to get an Mac, it had to be set up by a Tech in the store. Most people when they get a new PC just take it out of the box at home and set it up themselves.
    You might have posted the the $500 they you friend overpaid for a Mac, could have been used to pay for a PC tech to do the same thing for about $100 or less and probley in their home. That would leave them $400 to use in the future for anything that would go wrong.
    Also that ‘free support’ only lasts so long, while the $400 is out there forever.
    You might post that they also get a 13 inch instead of the 15.4 or 17 in that comes with PC (laptop).
    I suspect but don’t know that the reason the person with the Mac doesn’t call anymore are that you know nothing about an Apple.
    You might look at Apple’s forum and see how many problems Apple users have and how slow Apple is to respond with solutions.
    I am an Ipad user now about 80 percent of the computer time.