windows-8-logo0817As we’ve mentioned before, many Windows 8 users are exasperated by the start-up screen, sometimes called “Tile World.” It delays booting to the normal desktop screen and is distracting. Microsoft fixed that in version 8.1, available now in a “preview” version at

Unfortunately, Microsoft says the preview is for “experienced users.” The rest of us have to wait till later this year. Microsoft warns preview testers that you could lose everything, so be sure to back up your system first. If you actually manage to install the upgrade, you’ll be able to bypass Tile World and go straight to a normal looking desktop at boot up. Remember: this is a geek test.

On the other hand, you may like Tile World. One advantage is that you can start typing the name of any program and the computer will go right to it. To leave Tile World and go to your regular old desktop in Windows 8.0, just hold down the Windows key and tap the “D” key. That will put you in place in seconds.

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