A sluggish computer is often sluggish because it doesn’t have enough RAM (random access memory). Go to your local computer repair shop and buy more, it’s cheap now.  If you want to save the installation cost and add the RAM modules yourself, do a YouTube search on “RAM installation.” You’ll see do-it-yourself tutorial for desktops and laptops. Order the RAM modules themselves online and save even more. The free scanner at tells you what type of memory your computer uses.

Second, be sure you’ve checked for viruses and spyware, which can really slow down a PC. For free software, we like and

Third, uninstall any programs you aren’t using and use the free CCleaner from to get rid of massive amounts of temporary files and other junk.

Fourth, uninstall any browser toolbars if you use any. These can really slow down your web surfing. Removing them is different for each browser, but in general go to the tools or settings menu, which will usually reveal what’s active and what’s not.

Last, we use Tune-Up Utilities, from It’s not free but does a pretty good job of monitoring the stuff that slows down a computer. It includes a “registry cleaner,” which is generally unimportant, since registries don’t get dirty. Offers to clean your registry, by the way, are a very common scam. Not with this program, but when offered as a free service. Ignore such offers.

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