peggleWe think “Peggle” is the most addicting computer game we ever played. But our most fantastic moves and scores are ephemeral, lost in the mists of time.

Serious gamers record those magic moments using a free program called “FRAPS.” Now we have a way to convert FRAPS videos into regular movie formats, and it’s also free: Freemake Video Converter from

The reason gamers use FRAPS to record their triumphs is simple. The typical video recording can’t copy a video game in high quality because games are fast and have too many frames per second. If you search on “FRAPS” at, you’ll see a good example of it.

Freemake Video Converter can also convert any video from one format to another. The new version handles all FRAP recordings, even in high definition and lets you add music to your cut. (Oh, boy!) You can splice FRAPS videos and upload them to YouTube without leaving the Freemake program. Your gaming brilliance will be available to all!

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