Jitterbug PlusWe had two phones, a Jitterbug and a Galaxy S3, both made by Samsung. We lost the Jitterbug and relied for months on our smart phone alone. We bought a replacement Jitterbug, the Jitterbug Plus, and are glad to have it back. Here’s why:

We like the big buttons and having a friendly, live-person operator. This last is a biggie. She will give you directions if you’re lost and put any new numbers you want into your phone list. Like a lonely librarian, they almost beg you to ask another question. The phone’s battery stand-by life is 25 days, whereas the Galaxy S3 needs charging nearly every day, even when we don’t use it.

Of course, there’s always a big battery difference between a “feature phone” like the Jitterbug and a smart phone, but who needs to carry the Internet in their pocket at all times? Among dumb phones, the Jitterbug’s 25 days is fairly ordinary. The Phillips X528 phone is the standout in this category, with a whopping 100 days of stand-by time. Other Phillips phones are in the number two and three position, so if this is an emergency phone that stays in the glove compartment, those might be a good choice. If you’re curious about phones with the longest talk-time, head over to Reviews.Cnet.com and search on “Cell phone battery life charts.”

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