Amazon Studios movie wants to hire you to write a movie. If they choose your script for development, you get $10,000. If it becomes a movie, you get $200,000. If it grosses $60 million at the U.S. box office, you get $400,000.

You can submit your movie script privately or publicly to get feedback, but if it makes it to the development stage, the community at large will weigh in on it and suggest improvements. That gives it a bigger chance of going to the “test movie” phase. If you’re into directing, you can apply to be one of the test movie directors.

There are 26 projects now in development, with a movie trailer for each. Here’s what’s neat. Amazon Studios will create the movie trailer for you, complete with sound effects, props and characters. Some of the trailers use illustrations, others use cinematography. We took a look at what they had so far, and it was beyond boring. Maybe you can do it better. In fact, it’s hard do see how you could do worse.

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