Browser extensions are much like apps. But instead of something you install on your phone, extensions are useful when surfing the web. The trick is not to install too many of them or they’ll slow down your surfing.

We found the following interesting extensions in the Chrome Web Store at chrome.google.com/webstore. They’re free.

  • Lyrics in Google Chrome– When you’re listening to a song on YouTube, Last.fm, Google Music or GrooveShark, click a button and you can see the lyrics.  In our tests, the lyrics didn’t load on the same page except when using Google Music. But if we opened a new browser tab and typed “lyrics” and a song title, we got a clutter-free page of lyrics, without the usual ads and tiny type we’ve seen on other sites.
  • NoteBoard displays a large corkboard for notes. Simple, straightforward and easy on the eyes.
  • Eye Dropper lets you identify the color on any part of a picture displayed on the screen. Click on the eyedropper icon, and hover over any color to get its name and numerical values. Putting the eye dropper on a couch in a painting by Toulouse Lautrec, we found the color was called Rosy-Brown and we were given the technical requirements for reproducing it.

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