Speaking of the coming decline of cell phones (as they quietly morph into the power of Google Glass), our cell phone is sometimes set on vibrate instead of ring and we miss calls. There’s a $99 fix for that. That may seem a little high, but these days there seems to be no limit in the cell phone category.

The “Renny Home Ringer” uses blue-tooth wireless broadcasting to ring your phone and announce the caller. This works even if your phone is set on vibrate or silent instead of ringtone. It’s a small device about the size of a short can of peas. The claimed range is 200 feet, but that’s if your cell phone is in a line of sight with the can of peas – no thick walls in between.

The device is a wireless transmitter and can transfer calls to two cell phones, each one getting a different ring, so you can tell which is which. There are some similar products on the market but this one doesn’t automatically shut off after the cell phone has been out of

range for ten minutes. There’s a video of Renny in action at

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