A reader asked us if he should have his computer registry cleaned. A pop-up on a website wanted to charge him $129 for this service. Back away, we said.

Registries don’t get dirty and don’t need cleaning. Cleaning the registry is a common scam. Many times when you go to a site to download a program, that site will have links to something you don’t need. Often you have to actively uncheck some box on the screen to avoid being sent somewhere you don’t want to go. Besides registry cleaning, you’ll often see warnings about Flash software, viruses and spyware. Stay with what you want to do, which is get the program you came for, and ignore all the bogus offers.

2 Responses to “ANOTHER WARNING”

  1. Joy, your thoughtful concern for our computers is appreciated very much. Lessons learned.; I will try to take your advice. I have learned not to respond to a message about having Trojans. However, my laptop has not issued anymore of those warnings (after that crash). Thank you for great tips; and thank Bob also.

  2. Thanks for letting us know, Ginny.
    -Bob and Joy