Recently, PhishMe, a private security service, sent out an email with a cute cat picture and a note that said “Check Out These Kitties” They wanted to learn how many people would click on something like that without thinking any further. Four million people did within hours.

Another security firm, Trustwave Holdings, drops thumb drives and CDs in bathrooms and lunch rooms to test a company’s security precautions. If an employee is curious enough to try and find out what’s on that drive or disk, its software not only registers their email address, it takes their picture. To make the whole thing more appealing to the person who finds it, the unknown finds are labeled “Confidential.”

Seventy-one million people fell victim to online scams and phishing attacks last year, according to security firm KnowBe4. They found that as many as half of all employees are susceptible to phishing come-ons in their email. A phishing attack on a government Credit Union site recently resulted in the transfer of several hundred thousand dollars into off-shore accounts. Fun in the sun.

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