• “Songza” brings you music in half a dozen categories: “Working out,” “Unwinding,” “Driving,” “Working,” “Entertaining Cool Friends,” and “Cooking.” When you tap “entertaining,” you get sub-categories, like “Hipster-Approved Classic Rock.” We liked a tune from “The Zombies” and “Shadowfax” from “New Age Beginnings.” It’s all free and works on computers or phones.
  • “Obstacles XRT” is a 99 cent exercise app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It doesn’t recognize your movements, but a video guides you through a virtual obstacle course. Trek over virtual tires, escape quicksand, and sneak under fences.
  • DUIcam, as in “Driving under the influence,” lets drivers use cell phones to record the erratic movements of the car ahead of them. There’s a zoom feature to let you zoom in on the license plate of the drunk driver, and the app lets you email a snapshot or the entire video to the police. It’s free for Android or iPhone. Get a mount for your phone first, so it’s stable on the dashboard. They range in price from $6 to around $25. Don’t forget to take your phone out of the mount when you leave the car.

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