A reader contacted us after we wrote about fabulous freebies and asked: “What about a safe, free cookie cleaner?” Well, we have one of those.

Cookies are bits of computer code that advertisers insert into web pages so they can hit you with a “buy now” message later. The best free program we know of to get rid of these and other junk is CCleaner from It’s been downloaded over one billion times, so somebody else must like it.

After installing CCleaner, click yes to let it save settings. Then ignore the “analyze” button, leave the boxes that are already checked and click “run cleaner.” This will get rid of the cookies.

Last thought: Some cookies are useful. These are little bits that mark programs you go to frequently so they will load quicker next time around. If you happen to delete these, that program will put them back again when you next go there; you’ll just have to wait a little longer or re-enter a password.

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