FREE ANTI-VIRUS still has ¬†one of our favorite free anti-virus program, the other is Avast, but we recently tested the freebie Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 from It’s great for slow computers because it uses hardly any system resources.

After installing Kingsoft Antivirus, we tried downloading and installing a bridge game. Before it installed, however, the Kingsoft program warned us the bridge game was about to change the computer’s registry, something that is often an indicator of malware. We took the recommendation to not install and dumped the bridge program.

One Response to “FREE ANTI-VIRUS”

  1. Our favorite tech guru, Kenny of, notes:

    Almost all programs make changes to the registry… Kingsoft didnt like those particular changes… But even though kingsoft is very lightweight… Its not the best antivirus in the world. False positives are common. What that company needs to do is contact kingsoft and tell them to whitelist their app…