Every day we hear of a new business or science project that’s been “crowd sourced.” That’s the phrase for a website that asks for donations or investments for projects instead of going to a bank or venture capital firm. So this just in: Crowd-sourcing Christmas and holiday activities using

A group inDallas,Tex., is raising $400 for a Christmas party, while another is shooting for New Year’s. InWorcester,Mass., a group raised $1690 to rent a ski lodge inVermont.

CrowdTilt also lists charitable causes, and the site automatically sends receipts for tax deductions. Eighty-six percent of fundraising campaigns on the site are successful, and they usually raise about double their initial goal. The average request size is $870. A campaign that makes it a third of the way toward its goal pretty quickly usually ends up with all of it a few hours before deadline. Most fund-raising campaigns last around 11 days. If a campaign “tilts,” (is successful), the site collects a fee or 2.5 percent, though fees have been waived recently for any fundraising related to Hurricane Sandy.

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