A new iPhone app called Beamr lets you send high-resolution photos to your friends three times faster, with no loss of quality. It’s free. The receiver gets an email, Twitter or Facebook link and can then download full-resolution copies without registering or signing up.

But that’s not all you get, as they used to say on late night TV. (Whatever happened to those Ginsu knives?) Beamr creates a magazine of photos you can email to your friends. The effect is lovely and it’s free.

This reminds us of the fake magazine covers we used to make at We used photos of our nephews and their girlfriends, and wrote celebrity-style captions in a fake version of People. It looked quite real. Unfortunately it cost $20 each to have them printed or $13 to download. Those covers from YourCover looked much nicer than the ones from Beamr, but Beamr is free, and it doesn’t just do covers. It also fills other pages with photos, almost like a real magazine. Later on, the company says, it will add the ability to add captions.

Our only Beamr beef is the magazine titles. You can change the text, but they’re always placed in the same position at the top of the page, potentially blocking some one or thing. Beamr execs say the next version will allow you to move the text around. Another problem: The title is always white with a white box around it, which looks amateurish and would be hard to see on a light background. We hope they let you use fonts in the future that mimic the look of real magazines, like Time and Newsweek.

The Beamr technology for sharing high-res photos at three times the speed is also being used to reduce Mac photos. See

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