When the iPhone’s voice-activated personal assistant “Siri” came out, the reaction from reviewers was ecstatic delight. Wow, you could ask questions and the phone would answer; sometimes making wise-cracks.

But no one we read told us how odd and commercial those answers can be. If you ask Siri “where’s Lake Superior,” for example, you get the company “Lake Superior X-Ray.” There was no information on the lake itself, however, even though it’s the largest in the world.
A direct search using Google had a definite advantage over a Siri search. Tested with 1600 questions, Google had an 86 percent accuracy response and Siri was at 62 percent, according to tech analyst Gene Muster, at Piper Jaffray. On the other hand, Siri’s answers are cuter.

A more direct question is how does Siri rate against Android phones using voice-activated systems. A blogger who calls himself “Techno Buffalo” tested the speed of the Galaxy Nexus with the latest Android “Jelly Bean” operating system. He found Google Voice responded quicker and was less robotic. For example, when he said, “Show me pictures of French bulldogs,” Google responded with a dozen thumbnail pictures of, well, French bulldogs. Siri asked if she should search the web for him. For more info, you can compare “Siri versus Google” at


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