“Fitness for Geeks,” by Bruce W. Perry, $35 from, or $23 at, is all about diet and exercise to fit a geek’s needs. That means no bit of information is left out. Did you know that nearly a third of Americans so lack Vitamin C, they nearly have scurvy?  That’s a disease sailors used to get on long voyages — till someone thought of packing along lemons and limes (which is how British sailors came to be called “Limeys.”) Captain Cook brought along sauerkraut and carrot marmalade on his famous voyage. Worked just as well.

Some of the interviews with diet gurus raised a bushy eyebrow: There’s no way we’re going to try the “paleo” (short for “Paleolithic”) diet of grubs and grasses. But most of the info, including the section on gizmos, apps and websites for fitness, is quite good. It has us almost convinced to finally try “FitBit,” a fancy pedometer that keeps track of your every movement.

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