Dice With Buddies” is a free Yahtzee-style game that has hooked Joy’s brother. You can play with friends, family or random opponents on either an Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

2 Responses to “DICE WITH BUDDIES”

  1. App on pc does not let me know when opponent has played. I have to keep clicking on their name over and over to see if they have played. It used to give me a ping to let me know they took their turn.

  2. I currently have Dice With Buddies on my computer. Also, so does most of my family, we love it! However, there is a scratcher thing at the end of the games which I do not get. Is there a way to update my current installment so that I can get the scratchers too? Also, if I reinstall the app will I be able to keep all my current buddies?
    Thank you,
    Karen Mitchell