Most people use the mouse to execute commands in Windows. But the keyboard is quicker. We’ve done these shortcuts before, but users keep asking so we’re back.

Just hit the “Ctrl-p” keys to print. (Of course the printer should be on.) “Ctrl-z” will undo your last action. (Bob thinks of these as the “Oh, no!” keys.)  “Ctrl-c” creates a copy of anything you highlighted with the mouse or arrow keys. “Ctrl-x” deletes anything you’ve marked off. “Ctrl-v” pastes either one of those moves to some other point you’ve selected. This is a quick way to move text around; usually works with pictures too.

In each case, hold down the “Ctrl” key and tap a letter. Want some more? “Ctrl-s” saves whatever you’re working on. “Ctrl-b” changes your marked text to boldface type. “Ctrl-i” changes it to italic.

The well-known three-key dance, “Ctrl-Alt-Del,” brings up the Windows task manager and lets you shut down programs that may be slowing you down. For Windows 7 users, “Ctrl -Shift- Esc” brings it up faster.

Here’s a close-out special: “Windows key -L.” If you’re at work and hate to leave your computer exposed to others when you go get a  glass of water or get up to go to the bathroom, “Windows key – L” locks your computer without shutting anything down. It requires a password to start up again. (The Windows key has a Windows logo on it.)  Finally: “Alt- tab” cycles through any programs you have open.


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