Our  89-year-old aunt’s iPad arrived the other day and for several days it stayed in the box. (Imagine, for the sake of contrast, a 3 year-old’s reaction. He’d have it out of there in a minute and would probably have it figured out in 15.) Still, our aunt is very excited about it. She just had to wait until she finished hosting a seniors’ tennis tournament. She calls the iPad her “computer” and said she talked to someone about Wi-Fi, whatever that is.  She called tech support but said she couldn’t understand what they were explaining. You’d think they would know how to speak to the elderly. She’s actually completely coherent and reads newspapers every day but this is her first computer of any kind. Kenny S,  the top rated expert at,  has a club for seniors, giving them a community to interact with and teaching them how to show off to family members how much they know. You can find him at

2 Responses to “GETTING WITH IT”

  1. Joy and Bob, Thought you and your readers might get a giggle. Your 89 year old aunt can inadvertently gets pictures from her iCloud email to come up on her iPad. She takes a picture of the screen with her digital camera, prints it out on her photo printer, puts it in an envelope and mails them to us. She will not be held back by modern technology or her techno-timidity. Steve

  2. Hi Steve!

    That’s hilarious. Thanks for sharing it with us! At least she’s using her tech.
    I still love getting her hand-written notes of course. Her handwriting is still better than anyone’s I know.
    Thanks for reading our column items. We also mentioned her here:

    -Cousin Joy