Bloggers have gone nuts for the website “Pinterest,” which has been adding millions of new users each month. We finally woke up and tried it ourselves. Now we’re addicted. Pinterest is an online “pinboard” for pinning interesting things from the Web. Put a “p” in front of “interest” and you’re there.

People post charming, sometimes extraordinary photos of pets, home décor, fashion, travel, crafts, food, weddings, etc., all with comments. There’s an article behind some of them. Today we saw a pizza crust made from cauliflower, homemade Almond Joys, an amazing photo of an elaborate swimming pool, and paints you can make with shaving cream. (Spray shaving cream into muffin cups, add a few drops of food coloring and swirl. Then go to it on the bathroom walls. This may not be permanent.) There’s a Pinterest app for the iPhone. To post your own items of interest, request an invite.

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