TouchTV is a new free app that brings TV to the iPad. The initial channels are: E News, ABC News, Lifetime Networks, ESPN, PBS News Hour and the History Channel. Tap a picture and the channel starts playing.

Besides the iPad, you can also get TouchTV on a “Smart TV” from LG Electronics ($700 in a web search). It doesn’t work the same way on the TV as it does on the iPad, however. Instead of touching the screen, use the remote control to move the cursor to any icon and hit OK to go there.

SkyGrid, the company that makes the TouchTV app, also makes a “SkyGrid” app for Android and iPhone/iPad devices. SkyGrid brings in news stories in dozens of categories, shown as thumbnail pictures with headlines. One category, called “Daily   Top 20,” has stories from major sources like the Discovery Channel, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, and several quirkier ones, like “Justin Bieber.” Tap the topics or sources you want to follow regularly.


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