As soon as we mentioned and some of the other sites that list jobs for freelancers, we heard from two more of course; they’re and

— The “v” in vWorker stands for “virtual” and the service has a twist we hadn’t seen before: Freelancers who respond can do a sample part of your job. If you like their work, you can choose them. The service claims to be 36 to 80 percent cheaper than others. is the granddaddy of freelance sites. They have three million members in over 240 countries and offer freelancers to do all kinds of work. We took a look at writing jobs to see what they’re paying these days; it’s pretty awful. Mothers, don’t raise your child to be a writer.

A writer said: “My first job was in March 2011 and I got maybe $25 to write 20 articles. But I was so happy that someone actually hired me, I did these articles practically for nothing. But I enjoyed it, and I think I had luck with my employers.”


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