Zoner StudioWe’re big fans of Google Picasa, the free photo editing and organizing program, but there are a lot of other free programs out there, and a reader recently pointed us to a great one.

It’s “Zoner Photo Studio,” a free Windows program from (There are a lot of links to other programs, so confine your click to this one.) It’s superb at organizing photos. It keeps the familiar Windows file structure off to the left of your screen, making it much easier to find stuff. By contrast, Picasa annoyingly lists photos by date, and for some reason, it doesn’t even list a 2011 folder on our laptop, making it difficult to find our recent shots, except by going to the “File” menu and choosing “Add file to Picasa.”

Like Picasa, Zoner Photo Studio has a “quick fix” photo editing button, which produces great results. It easily corrects red eye, blurring, and other picture defects. A “tutorials” link shows you how to create photo name tags for gifts, make a photo calendar, show off stuff on eBay, create panoramas and other projects. Type “3D” in the help menu to learn how to make three-dimensional photos. All in all, big thanks to our reader and a nice find for the rest of us.

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