In a recent Harris survey, 50% of all Americans admit they would like to use smartphones to take secret videos.

Like what?


  • People in embarrassing outfits
  • A sexy waitress at a restaurant
  • A Shirtless hunk mowing the neighbor’s lawn
  • Their Boss sneaking a second doughnut

Harris polled 2,361 adults that were representative of the country by age, gender, income level, marital status and region. (This is a large enough sample to be considered statistically significant.) Fifty-seven percent said they’d be interested in watching videos shared by a co-worker on the company intranet. The respondents top choice (30 percent) would be watching someone pulling a prank on a co-worker, followed (27%) by someone imitating the boss. Last but not least, they would like to watch a video of a high-level executive making his own coffee.


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