You probably know that the latest Apple iPhone 4S has “Siri” which responds to your voice. Owners of Android phones can get something similar, called Sonalight. Both these apps are free.

Siri is more powerful than Sonalight: It can look stuff up on Wikipedia or search your calendar to see when you’re free. But if you just want to text while you drive, Sonalight works just as well. You just tap the app’s icon on you device and say “Text by Voice.” Then say a name and Sonalight will look it up for you. It will then ask you to say your message out loud. It repeats it back to you for approval before sending. When a new message comes in, Sonalight reads it aloud to you. The app is free for up to 20 texts a month by voice. Then it’s $20 a year for an unlimited number of messages.

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