Google Wallet

We remember when people who weren’t paying cash, wrote checks at the grocery store. Some still write checks and hold up everybody in line. Most use credit or debit cards. Next step: smart phones.

“Google Wallet” is expected to arrive this summer. It will start out on the “Nexus S 4G” phone offered by Sprint, but will expand to more phones soon after.

They’ll be used with what are called “paypass.” These will be smart phone readers at merchant checkout counters. You would tap your phone on the reader itself. No, we’re not kidding. You hit the reader with your phone lightly, please and your credit identification number is recognized and the proper amount deducted from your balance. (Law suits to follow.)

We went to to see who will be participating in this new payment method and saw that McDonalds, 7 Eleven, Home Depot, CVS, and many others have already signed up. It is Google’s eventual aim to make Google Wallet a kind of digital bank, able to store thousands of credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, receipts, boarding passes, tickets, coded keys, etc. There will be discounts for users.


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