The easiest way to get help in solving a problem on your computer is to let a helper see your screen and take over the computer from afar. TeamViewer is a free program that does just that. (If you are worried about this, remember that you can always see what the remote user is doing and can cut off contact at any time.)

We wrote about the Windows version of TeamViewer last year and we’re mentioning it again because there’s a new version for the Mac. Versions for the PC, Mac and Linux versions are all free.

To share a screen, both you and the helper need to have the program installed and connected to the Internet. Since the program is free, that should be no problem. You give the helper a code that appears on your screen and they type it in on theirs. After that, the helper can both view your screen and control your computer. You can get control back at any time with one click.

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