Shmoop.com offers 600 learning guides, some free, some not, for high school students, preparing them for advanced placement tests. They are hip, fast moving and aware.

The Shmoop Economics guide, for example, illustrates the concept of “opportunity cost,” using the rock group Clash’s music video for “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” (We have noticed that no business writer ever mentions opportunity cost in calculating how much you pay for something. Opportunity cost is the money you lose by not investing in something that provides a return — like a government or corporate bond, instead of buying a depreciating asset, like a car or a house.)

The study guide for Henry James’ “Portrait of a Lady” draws parallels to the TV show, Gossip Girl. Shmoop shows connections between F. Scott Fitzgerald’s“The Great Gatsby” and the TV series “Real Housewives” and “Twilight.”

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