InfoStreetWe were impressed when we heard from a small business owner who saved $640 a month on online calendar sharing, file sharing and email archiving by using a company called InfoStreet. Before she glommed onto that, she was using several other vendors. But we also thought, “Why not use Google Business Apps?”

The cost for Google Small Business Apps is $50 per user per year, and includes such things as 25 gigabytes of email storage per user, online calendars, spreadsheets, data recovery, voice and video chat. That’s $450 a year for nine people, which is the number of people in our new friend’s real estate firm. She’s paying $1485 a year for InfoStreet.

Of course sometimes it’s worthwhile dealing with a small company. Our new acquaintance liked InfoStreet’s “portal” or landing page, which includes a link to an employee directory, customer relationship management tools and other stuff. She also liked the free training webinar that allowed her and her team to ask lots of questions to get up to speed.

But if we were in business, we’d do a free trial of Google Apps first. They have webinars too. You’ll find lots of info at Or go to look under “latest news” for info on the training sessions. We’d also try Their “group edition” is $15 per user per month.

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