Joy is web-savvy but she was fooled by a Facebook “game” that asked her to find out what friends would do or say in certain situations. For example: Do you think Margie would lie about her weight? The hook that brought her in was a question asking her if she wanted to see what friends were saying about her.

To play the game, she had to predict what people in her friends list would do. Suddenly, all open web pages went “aw, snap” and announced “Jack is dead.” Joy quickly realized she’d been suckered into some hacker’s gag and shut down her computer. She then ran BullGuard and Anti-Malware and neither found any problems, but it was a near thing. Fortunately, we’ve since found a free Facebook app to protect your accounts.

“MyPageKeeper” prevents hackers and “friends” from unknowingly posting malicious content on your Facebook wall. The app works by continuously scanning wall-posts, news-feeds and links posted by your friends. As soon as malware or spam is detected, MyPageKeeper notifies the user and enables them to remove the bad stuff.

MyPageKeeper was created by two graduate students at the University of California, Riverside, in response to a recent surge of malicious web activity. For example, a spate of fake links recently tempted users with non-existent free flights on Southwest Airlines. Get the protective app at

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