We never wanted to be geeks as we grew up, but Joy says she’s now in serious danger. She recently found a new use for the right-click button on the mouse. Clicking the right button while in just about any program brings up a menu faster than having to open the menus at the top.

But the right-click trick is missing one crucial command: There should be a “move to” or “copy to” choice on the menu – these are useful when you want to corral files into the right folders. A free download by Lowell Heddings called “Copy to/MoveTo Registry Tweak”  is at the web site “HowToGeek.”  We’ve shortened its long download address to tinyurl.com/2howtogeek. (By the way, we found this tip originally here, in an article by Eileen Brown of SoftCity.com.)

If you don’t want to download anything, you can move and copy files and folders without the free program; it just takes an extra step. To bring up a list of folders, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard (it looks like a flag) and tap the “E” on the keyboard. If you do it again, you’ll get two windows open. Then you can drag and drop files between them. (“Copy to” leaves a copy of the file where you first found it as well.)

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