Bullguard MobileA recent Wall Street Journal investigation of 101 smartphone apps revealed that nearly half identified the phone’s location and five passed along the age, gender, and other personal details of the phone’s owner to outsiders.

One way to protect yourself is to install cell phone security software. AV-Test Labs recently published a report comparing the most common ones. Bullguard is our current favorite program for protecting our computers, and it’s rated well above the industry average, scoring 100 percent in blocking malware; the industry average is just 55 percent.

Besides anti-spyware and anti-virus protection, Bullguard now has an “Antitheft GPS Tracker” in case you leave your phone somewhere or it’s stolen. A call to that phone’s number can lock access to its files. Going further, log in to the company’s protection center, click “Locate Device” and enter the phone number: The phone’s location will show up on a map. (Maybe your little brother took it.)

The $30 protection program runs on Android, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry phones. Right now, the company is giving away 5000 copies of the software at

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