Where in the World Game

Go to and click the “New” link at the top right of the screen. It’s next to an image of a little green bottle. You’ll see lots of new tools. We think they’re fun. Click “enable” next to each tool you want.

  • Number one is the Distance Calculator: Clicking the map’s legend in the left corner brought up the calculator. We chose a spot where Joy launched her kayak last summer and then another spot she paddled to. The answer came back immediately that she had paddled 1.59 miles each way. Clicking on “I’m feeling geeky,” we got other units of measurement. Turns out that Joy paddled a little over 23 football fields each way.
  • Short URL (shortening a web address): Sharing a Google map is just a matter of clicking the “send” link at the top of the screen. But with the new link shortener, you can get a short version of a map’s horrendously-long web address to add to any email, website or file.
  • “What’s Around Here” adds a new button to your screen. Click it to view popular and interesting places near that map point.
  • “Where in the World” is a geography game: Try to identify the country where the pin is.

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