Very few products seen at trade shows, like the giant Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January, are really new or different. But one that struck us as kind of quirky is an add-on screen for a cell-phone. The idea behind it is that you have your whole life on the phone email, video, files and rather than transfer all that to a computer, you just want to be able to read it on a larger screen.

This new gizmo is from Motorola and they call it a laptop dock, though it doesn’t dock laptops, it docks the Motorola “Atrix” cell phone from AT&T. Once you plug the Atrix phone into it however, you see everything on the big screen and you have a standard keyboard and touchpad. The dock has stereo speakers, eight hours of battery life and weighs 2.4 pounds. Hopefully it will soon work with other phones, because without the Atrix, this thing is pretty much a doorstop. Expect to see it, expanded or not, around March. No price yet.

Atrix Laptop

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