According to McAfee, one of the leading makers of security software, the domains that are least likely to have problems like viruses and malware are from the following countries and regions within countries: Japan — .JP; Catalan (spoken in Barcelona, Spain) — .CAT; Croatia — .HR; the Isle of Guernsey (England) — .GG, and Ireland –.IE.

The risk from clicking on addresses using Vietnam’s domain name — .VN, increased recently from thirty-ninth, which would be “not very risky,” to third, which indicates very risky. Fifty-eight percent of domains with a .VN ending were deemed risky. Singapore (.SG) which was formerly one of the ten most dangerous countries of origin for Internet risk, cleaned up its act markedly and has been moved down to eighty-first.

About 6.2 percent of the 27 million websites analyzed by McAfee posed a security risk, up from 5.8 percent last year.  You can protect yourself with a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program. McAfee makes one, of course, but we use free ones from and

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