• “Apollo News” modestly calls itself “the newspaper of the future.” It’s the creation of Hawthorne Labs, a company of former engineers from Google News and Microsoft Bing. It figures out your likes and dislikes, based on your ratings, and creates a personalized newspaper on the iPad. To learn about it, Google “Apollo for iPad.”
  • Holly Branson

    “Maverick,” launching in October, is an iPad-only magazine for business, technology and travel news. Holly Branson, the daughter of Richard Branson, billionaire founder of Virgin Airlines, is in charge. There’s already been big interest from advertisers. (Read more at

  • You can get free Marvel Comics comic books on your iPad or iPhone. Four comic books were free and the rest were $2 each. (This is much cheaper than the usual price in stores.) So far these are only for the two Apple devices, but we expect expansion soon. The comics look better here than they do in print.

Find a lot of other iPad and iPhone apps at and Note that some of these apps can also be used with Android phones, and this trend is increasing.  Check About half of all Android apps, and one-fourth of iPad apps, are free.  We heard a rumor that the next iPad will have a front-facing camera and video chats.

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