Joy and her niece took a tour of frequent ghost sightings in Chicago.  Had she gone to, she would have seen a lot of other options pinned onto a Chicago map. is fun and free, and has travel guides for all the major cities. But if you want to create your own map with points of interest, do it at the other “Schmap” site:  Businesses are using it to drive traffic to their stores. There’s a pro version that lets you create marketing campaigns on social networking sites with “VIP” privileges.  For a couple of months, the pro version will be free at After that it will be $240 a year.

Obviously they hope you’ll be so crazy about making your own special interest maps that you will rush for your checkbook so you can have the pro version all the time. However, we would think an individual user would just want to make a couple of specialized maps to send to friends and colleagues and that would be enough.

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