Ever wonder how fast your Internet connection really is? Many techies recommend going to to find out. It will check the connection and deliver the news. But there’s a better way, recommended by our favorite tech person at

Go to and get “FlashGet,” a free download manager. Next try downloading something big, like the Ubuntu operating system from You don’t have to really want it; it’s just for the test. As FlashGet sees it come in, you’ll see your speed. Ours was about 75 KB, which is not much faster than dialup, although we have a supposedly “high speed” DSL connection.  The trouble is, our building uses shared DSL, so if other people in the building are downloading movies, our share slows to a crawl.

“Broadband” speed should be about fifty times the speed of a fast dial-up connection. A 4G connection should be five times faster than that, and under the right conditions it can be 25 times faster. Check your download speed and see what kind of service you’re getting. You can compare your speed to dialup, Bluetooth, and fast Internet at

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