Nixty.com is a new site makes it possible to take college courses online for free. You can take the courses for college credit and use them to transfer to a physical college.

The site has 200 courses from MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, IIT, Berkeley and other top schools. The courses cover many subject areas, and the site also has test preparation exercises for the SAT and GMAT. The lectures come in as YouTube videos. For some of them there’s a transcript, so you can read the lecture as well as watch it. Look over the lectures before deciding whether to join the class.

Most courses are free, though you can also pay for tutorial services. We looked at an American Literature course from Yale and a chemical engineering course from Stanford. Both looked great and we thought it was neat that they were captured on video, since, in the case of the engineering course, it was that teacher’s last year in the classroom. There are also some continuing education classes for adults.

The site offers course-building software for teachers, so they can easily add videos and lectures. It also lets you post your resume and letters of recommendation.

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