fab-over-fiftyThe website FabOverFifty.com launches next weekend when the “fabulous women of Miami” meet the site’s founder for a Lifetime channel taping aimed at 51 million women over 50 in the U.S.

The site, dubbed “FOF,” could also stand for “friends of friends.” It’s a place for women to hang out, get tips, share ideas, discover new restaurants, fashions, consumer electronics and travel ideas.

There are lots of subject tabs at the top of the screen. Examples:

  • “Facts of Life,” with tips for skin, body, mind and budget.
  • “Fab Faves,” where we learned about the tables “outside of Bubby’s” in the Tribeca area of New York City.
  • “Exclusives” for bargain hunters.

Our only complaint with the site is its search engine. We typed “Chicago restaurant” and nothing came up, though there are many Chicago restaurants reviewed here. We typed “George Clooney,” and got zero results, despite a page on the site offering to bring the author of ┬áthe book “Marrying George Clooney” to your home or book group if you give a good reason for wanting to meet her. (The site offers a different author visit each month.)

In any event, this is a fun site where you can marvel over the many things women over 50 are doing these days.

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