chromeos_graphics2-thumb-550x308-38937Computers with Google’s Chrome operating system will be out in June. The big deal is that like the iPad, this is a new kind of computer. But unlike the iPad, everything you do on a Google computer takes place on the web.

If you’re already using Google Documents and Spreadsheets online, you get the idea. The benefit is simplicity. You don’t have “drivers” to update. You don’t have an operating system to maintain. You do have to be within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot, unless you get a computer with a celluar “3G” connection, like the new iPad.

The day the iPad came out, we walked into a Sony store and asked: “What do you have that’s like the iPad?” “Nothing,” they said. “It’s a whole new category.” Yesterday, we were in a Sony store again when someone said they wanted to see a rival to the iPad, something equally simple. That something might be the new Google computer. It will be launched by Acer at the Computex show ┬áin Taiwan in June.

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