creative-vado-hdThe three easiest video cameras are the Flip, the Kodak Zi8 and the Creative Vado.

We’re big fans of the Flip, which starts at $150, but if you like a wide-angle lens, the third generation Vado HD from Creative Technology lists for $230 but we saw it for $98 at their own website.  A wide-angle lens means you get more of the scene when you snap the picture.

Unlike the Kodak, the Vado doesn’t have removable storage. Its built-in memory records up to four hours of high definition video or eight hours at lower resolution. It takes excellent video in low light. You can post your videos directly to YouTube, Photobucket or Box.net with the built-in software.

The new Flip SlideHD, which has become the best-selling brand in this category, also holds four hours of ultra high definition video or 12 hours of regular video, but sells for $280 from theflip.com.

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