We’ve had our share of online meetings with “Go to Meeting,” WebEx and others. The presenter shares their computer screen, so that even if they’re thousands of miles away, we see what they see. It’s as if we were in the same conference room.

Sometimes problems arise and it reverts to a phone conversation without screen sharing. Here are a few other ways to do it:

  • is a free service with one great feature. The person who’s watching your demo doesn’t have to download or setup anything. The free version gives you 100 minutes a month and allows five people to join in.
  • is known for free phone calls but also has free screen sharing between Skype users. Sometime this year, by the way, Skype is expected to be spun off from Ebay, to generate the largest initial public offering since Google’s IPO.
  • gives you a high-resolution display. Animation tools make it easy to add comments. Pricing starts at $10 for 24 hours, or $29 a month.

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