asustek-eepadThis fall, Asustek, the maker of popular netbook computers, is coming out with its own version of the iPad, called the Eee Pad.

We like Eee notebooks, so the Eee Pad should be a winner. The computer is expected to weigh a pound and a half, and be about the size of a magazine. Unlike the iPad, the Eee Pad will have Windows 7 and will cost $399 to $449– $50 to $100 less than the basic iPad.

Will people want Windows 7 on their Eee pad? On the iPad, you don’t have Windows maintenance tasks, anti-virus programs, Control Panel, etc. We use the iPad for relaxation –streaming¬†movies from Netflix, watching news videos, listening to NPR, tapping the Yahoo Entertainment App for book reviews, weird stories of the day and reading blogs. Two million iPads have been sold.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the 10-inch and 12-inch models of the new Eee Pad will come with their own docking station that can be connected to a physical keyboard. This makes a lot of sense to us. We just bought something similar for our iPad. Apple also sells a wireless keyboard, but it has no shelf for the tablet.

Asustek is also planning to sell an e-reader, called the Eee Tablet,  available in September for $199 to $299. It will have a two-megapixel camera, an electronic notepad, a media player and a battery life of 10 hours. It will have its own app store, and will be compatible with Adobe Flash. More info here and here.

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