cc-everybodyEver have an email exchange so great you wanted to share it with the world? What if you could add “everybody” to your email list?  Well you can with a free service called “CC Everybody.”

“CC,” for those who came in after the movie started, stands for “carbon copy.” But what on Earth is Carbon Copy? Back in the dark ages before photo-copiers, people would put a sheet of carbon paper between two sheets of paper in a typewriter; when you typed the later, a copy would be made from the pressure of the keys striking the top sheet of paper. (That should explain everything, except – what’s a typewriter?)

The initials have hung on. Now seeing “CC” at the end of an email message just means a copy has been sent to someone else. If you want to send copies of that email to everybody on your address list, you sign up at CCeverybody.com, you get a special email address– yourname@CCeverybody.com. When you include that address in the “CC” field of your email, the email thread is published online at your own special web address. Some people will shriek at the invasion of privacy, while others will see it as a way of sharing a fruitful exchange of information or just an amusing series.

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