name-my-tuneEver have a song stuck in your head and you can’t remember the title? We learned from that there are free places on the web that will identify it for you if you can hum or whistle a few bars into your computer’s microphone.

Joy ran her own test by going to and humming “Singing in the Rain.”  It was identified in seconds. Next we tested They were clueless when Joy hummed “Singing in the Rain,” but when she tapped out ten notes on an onscreen piano, they got it. Their first guess was “Hebrew Rhapsody,” which definitely did not sound like Singing in the Rain. But their second guess got it right. Bob said the first mistake was shazamprobably because Joy played too slowly.midomi lets you hum a tune into your iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Android or Windows Mobile cell phone. It identifies the song and then links to the iTunes store, in case you want to buy it. Handy if you want to identify elevator music or a tune playing in a shopping mall.enmplogo lets you narrow the search by era, starting with the pre-1960s and going on to just the last 12 months. After you hum into the microphone, it will submit your request and email you back when someone has a match. You can also listen and identify a tune for someone else. We chose “classical” as our genre and the “pre-1960s” as the era, and came up with 889 user recordings, most of them incredibly bad.

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