If  you love everything about your new iPad except reading books on its bright screen, consider the free “Kindle App for iPad.” It dims the screen to make it more like the experience of e-Ink, which is very easy on the eyes.


What we like best is seeing our Kindle book collection in living color. The recipe book we bought, “Get Cooking,” had only gray pictures, and they were small. Now they’re in full color, and enticing. The other nice thing is getting free samples of books. The iPad’s “iBook” app makes you buy without trying first.

The Kindle App for iPad  lets you choose from over 450,000 books from the Kindle Store– that’s 390,000 more than you get on the iPad store —   and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across your Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry,  iPod touch, Mac, iPad, etc.  Read a  little here, read some more there, and pick up where you left off, no matter which gizmo you’re using.

The Kindle Store has new releases and New York Times Bestsellers, plus tens of thousands of the most popular classics for free including titles like “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Treasure Island.” Most bestsellers and new books are $10 or less.

Other features of the Kindle App for iPad include:

*  Choose from three different background colors and alter the font color and size.

* Page Turn Animation: This replicates the look of a page turning in a book. You can also turn it off.

The  bad thing about reading Kindle books on the iPad is that it’s a lot heavier- 1.5 pounds instead of 10 ounces. This makes a big, big difference if you like to lie on the couch and hold your e-reader in one hand. We also missed 3G. The current iPad doesn’t have it and the later model will charge you for it. With our pokey Wi-Fi connection, books took much longer to come in than they do on the Kindle.

The Kindle App for iPad is  free at itunes.com/appstore.

For more info at: amazon.com/kindleforipad.

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