Here are some tips and tricks for Windows 7 that we find handy:

— Let your mouse pointer hover over an icon in your taskbar and you will see thumbnail pictures of any documents or files you have open. Right-click on any icon, such as the one for Microsoft Word, to see a “jump list” of files. Click on the file you want.  If you don’t have any icons in your taskbar, click “start,” and “all programs.” Then right-click one and choose “pin to taskbar.”

–If you have a lot of windows open, the screen can get pretty busy. (Bob is generally amazed at how many programs Joy has going.) To minimize everything but the window you’re working on, place your cursor on the top of that window and shake your mouse back and forth. The other windows will all minimize out of sight. Shake the mouse again to bring all the windows back.

–The “Snap” feature moves an active Window right or left. To use it, hold down the Windows key and press the right or left arrow. That’s handy if you want to keep a window open but also want to see whatever window is underneath it.

— The “safely remove hardware” feature of Windows XP and Vista is annoying. Click on that icon in your taskbar and you’ll get about six choices for hardware that might not even be attached to your computer. Windows 7 makes this much easier: the choices will be devices that you are using with the computer.

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